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1890 - 1895

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Armand Peugeot, anticipating the motor car boom, experiments with steam before shifting definitively to petrol.

Peugeot Type 2 - Click to Get Wallpaper 1024x768 - 160 KB
The Type 2: a four-wheel two-seater

1890 Armand Peugeot quickly abandons steam for petrol and produces the first Peugeot petrol-powered four-wheel car, the Type 2, fitted with a Daimler engine, at the Valentigney factory.

1891 The Peugeot company name is changed to Les fils de Peugeot frères. In September, a petrol-powered four-wheel car, driven by Messrs. Rigoulet and Doriot, travels from Valentigney to Brest and back again - a round trip of 1375 miles - at an average speed of almost 9 mph.

1892 Peugeot produces 29 cars and is the first company to fit rubber tyres to a petrol-engined four-wheel car. Peugeot's Type 4 is a unique model, ordered by the Bey of Tunis.

Peugeot Type 4 - Click to Get Wallpaper 1024x768 - 123 KB
Type 4

1894 Armand Peugeot diversifies his range and, practically simultaneously, brings out the Type 5 (a two-seater), the Type 6 and 7 phaetons, the Type 8 Victoria, the Type 9 Vis-a-vis and the Type 10 estate. A Paris - Rouen "Horseless Carriage Race" sees Peugeot and Panhard share the first prize.

1895 The range is extended by the addition of the Type 11 (a two-seater) and the Type 12 (a closed estate). During the Paris-Bordeaux-Paris race, Édouard Michelin tries out the first pneumatic tires on the Éclair. The first prize is won by Koechelin in a Peugeot. Production of the first ball bearings bearing the Lion trade mark. Introduction of the first Peugeot commercial vehicle, the Type 13, a delivery van which will only be produced for two years.

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